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Product ID:YE01A

Component Video (YPbPr) & Stereo Audio CAT5 Extender

  • Send Component Video (YPbPr) and stereo audio over one CAT5 cable.  
  • Passive, no power required.
  • Support up to HDTV (480i /480p/720p/1080i/1080p).
  • Transmission distance up to 300 meters at 480p/480i.
  • Transmission distance up to 100 meters at 1080p/1080i.
  • Perfect for DVD, VCR, DVR, TV, Satellite receivers, monitors, home theatre and other equipments supporting component video.
Video Connector RCA:Green (Y),Blue (Pb),Red (Pr)
Video Input/ Output Y (75Ω‧1Vp-p),Pb (75Ω‧0.7Vp-p),Pr (75Ω‧0.7Vp-p)
Resolution 1080p (Max)
Audio Connector RCA:White (L),Red (R)
Audio Input / Output L,R (20KΩ‧3Vp-p) Max
Cable Connector RJ45
Link cable Cat.5E/6
Transmission distance 480p (300M),1080p (100M)
Dimensions 91.6 × 76.6 × 26 (mm)
Shipping Weight 170 (g)