Product ID:AD001UHD4

AD001UHD4 4K HD-TVI / AHD / HD-CVI to 4K HDMI Converter with Loop Out
AD001UHD4 allows real-time video from a security camera to be displayed on a 4K or 1080p high resolution
HDMI monitor for public view.
Additionally, AD001UHD4 also offers HD Loop Out with UTC function for connecting to DVR or another
AD001UHD4 to build the configuration of one to multiple outputs.
It’s perfect for business, home, school application, or any place where high-definition monitoring is needed.


(1) Camera to one monitor and DVR for recording

(2) Camera to multiple monitors

(1) Parking Ramp: 
To show the activities of the monitored area to give a clear view to the drivers who can not properly identify the upcoming vehicles.
(2) Grocery Store Aisle: 
To publicly show the real-time camera captures to deter potential theft and to monitor the area at the same time.
(3) Auditorium: 
To document the speaker's speech while presenting the real-time recording to the audiences at the remote side.

  • Converts HD-TVI/HD-CVI/AHD signal to HDMI signal.
  • BNC input supports: 1MP/1080p/4MP/5MP up to 4K (8 MP)
  • HDMI output up to 4K @ 30Hz
  • Supports both up and down scaling function.
  • HD Loop out port supports UTC (Up The Coax) to send video & data.
  • Built-in OSD for easy operation.